SSB[39!], Leq i.i.d.
Sun Deck (9th Floor) 9800 S. Sepulveda
October 29th-November 14th, 2015

Developed in collaboration with Sam Wolk.

"SSB[39!], Leq i.i.d." is a 3-channel sound installation that utilizes the data generated from a network of decibel meters monitoring community noise levels around the Los Angeles International airport; as planes fly by, a live microphone triggers bursts of white noise which travel through the rooftop space along spatial and timbral paths determined by permutations of the noise meter data. The installation aims to engage with the sensory modulations of the Anthropocene by first abstracting concrete encounters with the sonic residue of human infrastructure into virtual data, and then re-actualizing that data into a visceral bodily experience of noise. As real planes fly by, they trigger the sonification process by which the digitally measured traces of planes flying all over Los Angeles are transmuted back into audible material.